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FrogAspect Was Established In 2007 By  Einat Burg Cohen,  Jewelry Designer And Artist. Originally From Tel Aviv Israel, Relocated To Brooklyn, New York In 2016.

The Name FrogAspect Derives From Her Curiosity To The Frog's Metamorphosis Process And Its Extraordinary Changeability With Movement. This Summarizes The Process Of The Work That She Is Trying To Emphasize By Manipulating Materials And Taking Their Behaviors To Its Limits.

What Started Off As Leftover Materials Has Turned Into A Line Of Textile Necklaces, Mostly Made Out Of Spandex And Stretch Fabric Which Is Highly Versatile And Fun To Work With In The Context Of Jewelry Design.

The Process Itself Of Manipulating The Material And Exploring Its Behaviors Transforms It Into New Textures, Transparencies And Shapes. At Times, I Like To Describe My Work As Putting A Spotlight On An Imperfect Detail Or Behavior And Make It Shine. If We Just Zoom In, We Will Find Endless Treasures.

In 2019, I Launched Pieces. A New Line Of Jewelry That Was Inspired By The Challenges I Faced In Relocating To New York And The Ability To Transform Myself In A Way From One Being To Another.

This Collection Is Made Out Of Tyvek Paper, Resin And Rubber. The Paper Is Manipulated By Heating, Tearing And Wrinkling Techniques Which Creates Asymmetrical Elements And Organic Textures Which Are Thoughtfully Composed Into One-Of-A-Kind Pieces.

For available pieces contact

or download look book.

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